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Woodside LNG tanker front-on

Red tape, industrial relations could stifle LNG potential

Blog Post 22 May 2015

Australia could develop the world’s most technologically advanced LNG industry, according to a report by Accenture. But if industry is to reach its potential and maximise its contribution to the national economy, it must first overcome some signifi...


Minister for Industry Ian Macfarlane addresses APPEA 2015

Blog Post 18 May 2015

There’s no doubt that the oil and gas industry is one of Australia’s success stories. Its importance to our national economy by way of export revenue, job creation and regional development cannot be overemphasised. Australians use more oil and ga...

CSG rig

Queensland moves to secure gas resources

Media Release 14 May 2015

The Queensland Government’s move to foster further exploration of the state’s abundant natural gas resources sends a strong message to both local and global explorers wanting to invest in a world-class resource industry.

LNG globe

Budget recognises significance of oil and gas industry

Media Release 12 May 2015

Statement by APPEA Acting Chief Executive, Paul Fennelly In a year of fiscal consolidation, the 2015-16 Federal Budget has again highlighted the importance of a growing oil and gas industry to the economic wellbeing of all Australians. Past and curre...

Malcolm for web

APPEA Board appoints new Chief Executive

Media Release 12 May 2015

APPEA’s new Chief Executive, Malcolm Roberts, will resign as the Chairman of the Queensland Competition Authority to join APPEA in mid-June. He has considerable experience in industry associations.

Methane Rita Andrea QCLNG 1st cargo

Flowline magazine, May 2015

Publication 7 May 2015

The official magazine of the APPEA 2015 Conference & Exhibition. Includes conference preview.


Vale Peter Walsh

Media Release 13 April 2015

Australia’s oil and gas industry mourns the passing of the Hon Peter Walsh who played the leading role in introducing the Petroleum Resource Rent Tax.


Water from coal

The Tech Drill 13 April 2015

Producing water from coal is a common practice. The first water well was drilled into the Walloon coals in 1928, many decades before CSG technology was developed. Currently 2,828 bores unrelated to the gas industry are producing 16.9 billion litres...


Energy White Paper signals a return to resource optimism

Media Release 8 April 2015

The Australian Government’s Energy White Paper is welcome recognition of the nation’s oil and gas industry’s critical role in delivering economic growth and energy security at home and abroad.

Dead end

Gas reservation is economic voodoo

Blog Post  |  by Paul Fennelly 30 March 2015

If you want to kill off investment, kill off jobs, and drive up the price of gas for manufacturers then the measures recently prescribed by the Australian Workers Union are an excellent way to go about it. Which is strange, given the union says it is...

Mutineer-Exeter field

Offshore oil and gas sector needs certainty

Media Release 26 March 2015

The Australian Government must move quickly to provide certainty for the oil and gas sector following a Federal Court ruling which undermines legal protections for foreign workers employed in vital offshore operations. The Court has upheld a challeng...

Outback exploration PIRSA

APPEA welcomes historic NT exploration permits

Media Release 24 March 2015

The granting of the first two petroleum exploration permits over land managed by the Northern Land Council is another vote of confidence in the Northern Territory’s onshore oil and gas industry. APPEA Director – Northern Territory Steven Gerhardy...

wrong way go back

NSW Labor puts politics ahead of jobs and cleaner energy

Media Release 20 March 2015

NSW Labor’s plan to stop Narrabri Natural Gas Project would forgo the creation of 1400 regional jobs, royalties, significant income for farmers and the chance to supply up to half of the state’s gas needs.

11-10 Coexistance header and rig

Diverse industry groups make the case for the diesel fuel rebate

Media Release 18 March 2015

An unprecedented coalition of groups from the agriculture, fishing, forestry, tourism and resources sectors has joined together to set the record straight on the case for the fuel tax credits scheme, also commonly known as the diesel fuel rebate.


Powering Regional Australia: The case for Fuel Tax Credits

Publication 18 March 2015

An unprecedented coalition of groups from the agriculture, fishing, forestry, tourism and resources sectors has joined together to set the record straight on the case for the fuel tax credits scheme, also commonly known as the diesel fuel rebate.

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AWU still barking up the wrong tree on natural gas

Media Release 17 March 2015

The AWU would be better served arguing for the immediate development of NSW’s plentiful natural gas resources instead of advocating imposing unworkable laws on other states to subsidise gas supply.

Gas flame on oven

New gas contract undermines reservation lobby argument

Media Release 9 March 2015

Claims by a pro-gas reservation lobby group that its members in Western Australia are struggling to secure long-term supply have been undermined by a new five-year contract signed by Santos and Alcoa of Australia Ltd. The deal will see Santos supply...


Gas export alarmists grab the wrong end of the pineapple

Blog Post 3 March 2015

It’s strange that the Industrial Energy Consumers of America (IECA) would rely on one article, in one Australian newspaper, informed by only one analyst, to prosecute an argument before US Congress that Australia is exporting too much liquefied nat...

Green tick

APPEA urges activists to accept umpire’s decision

Media Release 26 February 2015

After a nine-month inquiry, an independent report concludes that hydraulic fracturing can continue to be safely used to develop the Northern Territory’s shale gas resource, estimated to be one of the largest in the world.

Gas jobs

Katherine Town Council votes no to local jobs

Media Release 26 February 2015

Katherine Town Council has effectively voted ‘No’ to local jobs and investment by supporting a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing and shale gas development.

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Natural gas – time for NSW to power more of NSW

Media Release 25 February 2015

The ‘Supply and cost of gas and liquid fuels’ inquiry, chaired by the NSW Shooters’ Party and NSW Greens, offers no sensible or viable solution to impending gas challenges. Rather, it suggests NSW’s future energy security can be found in aski...