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APPEA welcomes One Stop Shop progress

Media Release 15 December 2014

APPEA welcomes progress by the Commonwealth and state governments towards developing a One Stop Shop for environmental approvals.

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Another nail in the domestic gas reservation coffin

Media Release 12 December 2014

The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Energy Council has recognised that interventions in gas markets present no viable way to securing gas supply and putting downward pressure on gas prices.

A question of skills

The Tech Drill 11 December 2014

With Australia's gas industry expanding at an unprecedented rate, News Scientist asks whether the country can meet the huge demand for skilled engineers and scientists.

Victoria parliament

APPEA congratulates new Victorian leadership team

Media Release 4 December 2014

The oil and gas industry looks forward to working with the new Victorian Government, which has a tremendous opportunity to secure investment in the development of the state’s gas resources to the benefit of all Victorians.

Seismic imaging

Digital prospectors

The Tech Drill 2 December 2014

New Scientist examines the sophisticated new sensing and analysis techniques for sniffing out hydrocarbons in ever-more complex geological formations.

APPEA Board elects Chairman and Vice-Chairman

Media Release 1 December 2014

The Board of the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) is pleased to announce the election of Mr Bruce Lake as Chairman and Mr Warren Ford as Vice Chairman, following APPEA’s Annual General Meeting on Thursday 27 Nov...

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CCWA still peddling anti-fraccing misinformation

Blog Post  |  by Stedman Ellis 30 November 2014

The Conservation Council of WA’s warning that hydraulic fracturing threatens tourist attractions such as The Pinnacles (“What the frack?” Sunday Times, November 23) is just the latest example of scaremongering by groups ideological...

coal seam gas

Underground revolution

The Tech Drill 28 November 2014

New Scientist examines Australia’s huge reserves of gas in coal seams and shales – and the challenge of how to extract them.

Floating LNG shell

Gas giants: the next wave

The Tech Drill 24 November 2014

New Scientist looks at floating LNG. The Prelude FLNG facility is huge because it incorporates all the components of a conventional onshore LNG plant – but in an area just one-quarter the size.

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Greens hypocrisy evident in energy policy ‘debate’

Blog Post  |  by Martin Ferguson 21 November 2014

The hypocrisy and bald zealotry that often masquerade as energy policy “debate” in Canberra have been of an unusually high quality of late. The “Climate Pact” signed by the USA and China to reduce greenhouse gas emissions appears to be the ro...

APPEA response to SMH on Southern Cross University research

Blog Post 20 November 2014

Yesterday, APPEA Chief Technical Officer Rick Wilkinson responded to a number of questions from the Sydney Morning Herald relating to a Southern Cross University study on methane emissions in Tara, Queensland and northern NSW. While none of these res...

Australia Institute fails to add value to debate

Blog Post  |  by Damian Dwyer 18 November 2014

To achieve maximum economic benefit, the smart thing to do is to allow resources to flow to higher value-adding activities, like oil and gas, from lower value-adding activities, like many parts of manufacturing. If, like The Australia Institute (lett...

LNG compass

Cleaner natural gas opens up enormous opportunity for Australia

Media Release 13 November 2014

The International Energy Agency’s recognition of natural gas as a growing part of the global energy mix – and a key pillar for stabilising global energy markets, reducing CO2 emissions, and improving quality of life – should reinvigorate effort...

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Oil and gas one of Australia’s top value-adding industries

Media Release 13 November 2014

Oil and gas has been identified as one of Australia’s highest value-adding industries in a new analysis that highlights the sector’s growing importance to the national economy. The analysis, by PwC, shows that for every dollar of production, the...

Aussie money

Oil and Gas Industry Cost Trends

Publication 13 November 2014

Petroleum industry costs have been increasing globally since 2000. Finding and development costs for new reserves increased six-fold between 2000 and 2013.

ERF detail crucial for international competitiveness

Media Release 31 October 2014

Legislation passed in the Senate includes several amendments that improve the operation of the Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF), but further detail and significant consultation is needed on some key aspects of the scheme.

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NSW Labor should look closer to home for gas price fix

Media Release 31 October 2014

Rather than asking other states for a hand-out, the NSW ALP should reverse its own opposition to natural gas production in the state, as this is clearly the simplest and the most effective way to put downward pressure on rising NSW gas prices.

Domestic Gas

Report rightly calls for removal of gas supply barriers

Media Release 20 October 2014

Grattan Institute report concludes governments should remove inappropriate barriers to the production of gas resources and minimise the regulatory burden on gas producers to provide a stable environment for future development.

The facts

EPA report undermines anti-gas scare campaign

Media Release 20 October 2014

The Western Australian Environmental Protection Authority has reaffirmed that the state's regulatory framework is sufficient to manage any risks associated with current onshore gas exploration activities.


Even ANU cannot run very far from fossil fuels

Blog Post  |  by David Byers 15 October 2014

Far from quitting a dying industry, ANU will find that fossil fuels will keep their place. Helping to improve them would make more sense. Thirty years ago, today’s chancellor of the Australian National University brought an end to his career as...

Gas leases not broken so no fix needed

Blog Post  |  by David Byers 15 October 2014

An opinion piece by Nev Power (“Cobra regulation restricting conventional gas supply”, Australian Financial Review, 13 October) is right to point out the need to develop our gas resources, including onshore resources in eastern Australia, as a k...

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ANU divestment flies in the face of reality

Blog Post  |  by David Byers 14 October 2014

In defending the Australian National University’s share divestment campaign, vice-chancellor Ian Young says he is confident that in 20 to 30 years Australia’s jobs and industries “will not be in producing fossil fuels” (Sydney Morning Herald...

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Time to lift moratoriums on Victorian gas development

Media Release 13 October 2014

Victoria’s Energy Statement highlights the importance of natural gas to the state’s 1.8 million households and manufacturing businesses yet makes no mention of lifting moratoriums on gas exploration and hydraulic fracturing.

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Beware “misleading and deceptive” anti-gas advertising

Blog Post 11 October 2014

West Australian Newspapers Ltd has ruled that claims made in a full-page anti-gas advertisement were ruled to be “deceptive and misleading”. The Conservation Council of Western Australia (CCWA) advertisement, published in the Geraldton Guardian o...


Grave reservations: AWU should call for free market, not free lunch

Media Release 29 September 2014

A campaign launched today by the Australian Workers Union calling for gas subsidies for chosen industrial sectors is nothing more than protectionism dressed up as energy policy. Only new gas supplies, not new government interventions, will put downwa...

Dead end

NSW natural gas freeze

Media Release 25 September 2014

The oil and gas industry finds extraordinary both the timing and the content of reports that the NSW Government plans to extend its freeze on natural gas exploration.