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Dead end

Time to lift barriers on NSW natural gas development

Media Release 23 April 2014

Today’s draft decision on regulated gas prices by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) highlights the urgent need for increased natural gas exploration and production in NSW.


Record number of land agreements signed in Queensland

Media Release 17 April 2014

New natural gas industry data released today shows that natural gas development is underpinning Queensland’s economy while simultaneously in NSW vital gas development has almost reached a standstill, the Australian Petroleum Production and Explora...

Kipper Tuna Turrum 2013

Safety first as Esso brings new Bass Strait project online

Media Release 9 April 2014

Esso Australia has won the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) Safety Excellence Award. APPEA Chairman Rob Cole presented the Safety Excellence Award at Tuesday night’s APPEA 2014 Conference Dinner in Perth. He sai...

Northern Territory NT parliament

APPEA welcomes NT Build changes

Media Release 8 April 2014

The oil and gas industry has welcomed changes to the NT Build scheme announced today by the Northern Territory Government. The changes were unveiled by the Minister for Mines and Energy Willem Westra van Holthe at the APPEA 2014 annual conference and...

Rob Cole re-sized

Chairman’s Speech APPEA 2014

Publication 7 April 2014

Australia must use technological innovation and regulatory reforms to improve the productivity and competitiveness of its LNG industry.

Santos GLNG project 5

Labour reform crucial to boost Australia’s competitiveness

Media Release 6 April 2014

The oil and gas industry today launched a blueprint for workplace relations reform to drive much-needed productivity growth and improve the industry’s global competitiveness. Australia’s oil and gas industry is currently investing $200 billion on...

Pluto LNG

Improving Labour Productivity Report

Publication 6 April 2014

Restrictive workplace laws encourage high labour costs and low productivity on major resource project construction. This poses risks to further investment and development.

CSG rig

Queensland’s exploration potential buoyed by acreage release

Media Release 4 April 2014

The release of petroleum and gas exploration acreage by the Queensland Government today could have significant long-term economic benefits and boost the state’s reputation as an investment destination, the Australian Petroleum Production & Expl...

CSG wellhead

A deep look at oil and gas wells

The Tech Drill  |  by Rick Wilkinson 4 April 2014

Petroleum wells target rocks laid down in the dinosaur times. We are talking Jurassic-type rocks when large reptiles strode our planet. To get to these rocks, we have to drill very deep.

Smart pig

This little piggy protects pipelines

The Tech Drill  |  by Rick Wilkinson 31 March 2014

Intelligent pigs are robot devices that are pumped through pipelines to make detailed measurements of the pipeline’s geometry, metal thickness, and cracks or corrosion in the pipe wall.

Red tape ‘Repeal Day’

Media Release 26 March 2014

Australia’s resources sector welcomes the Federal Government’s efforts to curb high costs and inefficiencies associated with project development and hopes the “Repeal Day” legislation is the start of a concerted effort to boost competitivenes...

Santos, Roma operations, CSG

Regional planning bill aims to provide all stakeholders with certainty

Media Release 21 March 2014

The Regional Planning Interests Bill 2013 passed by the Queensland Parliament last night is the result of constructive engagement between the gas industry, agricultural sector representatives and the State Government. While APPEA is continuing to wor...

missing green target

The Australia Institute wrong again on gas

Media Release 18 March 2014

The release of yet another Australia Institute political polemic styled as a ‘research paper’ adds little credible information to the debate surrounding how best to grow our economy and put downward pressure on energy costs. At a time when most A...


CSG operations manageable says NSW Chief Scientist

Blog Post  |  by Rick Wilkinson 18 March 2014

In an interview with the ABC’s 7.30 NSW program, NSW Chief Scientist Professor Mary O’Kane has said she believes the risks associated with coal seam gas operations in NSW “can be completely manageable”. Professor O’Kane also said that there...

Santos GLNG project 5

Jobs attack misses the mark

Blog Post  |  by David Byers 18 March 2014

Fairfax journalist Michael West’s travelling road show of media appearances to discredit Australia’s gas industry employment figures fails to deliver readers and listeners vital information. The natural gas industry was responsible for an estimat...


“Great potential” for shale gas development in Queensland

Media Release 13 March 2014

There remains enormous potential to safely explore and develop Queensland’s shale gas resources, to create jobs and attract another wave of economic investment, the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) said today. A...

reality check cropped small

Greens ignore facts in call to end shale gas development

Media Release 11 March 2014

The Greens have yet again shown their willingness to mislead the public in their efforts to undermine Australia’s natural gas industry. APPEA’s Chief Operating Officer Western Region Stedman Ellis said Western Australian MLC Robin Chapple was cle...