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Domestic Gas

Green Paper recognises importance of natural gas

Media Release 23 September 2014

The National Energy Green Paper highlights some of the reforms needed to enhance Australia’s international competitiveness and improve the oil and gas industry’s ability to supply both domestic and export markets. An improved energy policy framew...

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Harbouring regret as NSW misses the boat

Blog Post  |  by Paul Fennelly 23 September 2014

It’s unlikely to be an event noticed by Sydney’s millions. But sometime between now and Christmas, a ship will leave Gladstone harbour in central Queensland, with a cargo that will have a profound effect upon the lives of all who inhabit NSW’s...

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APPEA welcomes appointment of new NOPSEMA CEO

Media Release 18 September 2014

Australia’s oil and gas industry welcomes the appointment of Stuart Smith as the new Chief Executive Officer of the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA). APPEA Chief Executive David Byers said: “Mr S...

CSG rig

Gas production critical to eastern gas prices

Media Release 18 September 2014

Reported calls by Dow Chemical Australia and other manufacturers to remove regulatory impediments currently restricting the production of natural gas for eastern Australia’s domestic supply are supported by gas producers. The gas industry has long...

Scales of justice & gavel

APPEA welcomes Federal Court visa ruling

Media Release 16 September 2014

Australia has one of the world's most stringent offshore visa systems. Any changes that make it more difficult to employ temporary workers would undermine global competitiveness and ultimately put projects and Australian jobs at risk.

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Science-based Marine Reserve Review good for environment and economy

Media Release 11 September 2014

APPEA welcomes the announcement on the review of Australia’s marine reserve network made today by Environment Minister Greg Hunt and Senator Richard Colbeck. APPEA supports the Australian Government’s commitment to use rigorous science and broad...

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APPEA welcomes legislation to validate environmental approvals

Media Release 10 September 2014

Legislation to validate environmental approvals in Western Australia has been welcomed by the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association. The legislation was introduced into the WA Parliament today after a review found a number of...

Train wreck

Protectionist calls could derail economy

Blog Post  |  by David Byers 10 September 2014

Incitec Pivot CEO James Fazzino is just plain wrong when he suggests Australia is lacking investment in innovative, value-adding industry (Australia energy policy a ‘train wreck’, AFR, 8 September). Currently $200 billion worth of liquefied natur...

APPEA welcomes Energy Efficiency Opportunities program’s repeal

Media Release 4 September 2014

The oil and gas industry welcomes the passage through the Senate today of legislation to repeal the Energy Efficiency Opportunities Act 2006 and the Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) program. The repeal comes on a day when the World Economic Foru...

Floating LNG shell

Reform and adapt to secure a bright future

Blog Post  |  by Michael Bradley 3 September 2014

An Oxford University report makes it clear that billions of dollars’ worth of LNG projects hang in the balance unless Australia boosts productivity, cuts red tape and reforms its labour market. The report – by the university’s Institute of Ener...

The facts

Transparent misinformation on gas pricing

Blog Post  |  by Paul Fennelly 3 September 2014

Michael West has repeated incorrect claims that the gas industry lacks transparency and is unwilling to provide information regarding industry development capacity (East-west gas pipeline folly whiffs of taxpayer rip-off, Sydney Morning Herald 30/8...

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Price not right on gas criticisms

Blog Post  |  by Paul Fennelly 29 August 2014

It seems strange that Bruce Robertson would highlight the looming gas-supply crisis facing NSW (‘‘Gloucester CSG cost too high’’,   Sydney Morning Herald 27/8 and Newcastle Herald 28/8) and then go on to criticise a project that aims to ease...


The Relevance of Productivity

Publication 29 August 2014

Martin Ferguson speech to the ALERA Conference, outlining how industry, government and unions must adapt to the changing global economic environment.

missing green target

Renewable Energy Target Review report

Media Release 28 August 2014

The RET Review’s recommendations recognise that the RET is not the most efficient way to achieve emissions reductions because it forces higher cost renewable energy into the electricity generation mix at the expense of lower cost emissions abatemen...


Water monitoring at the forefront of NSW gas development

Media Release 19 August 2014

Moves to garner an even greater understanding of underground water resources in NSW are welcomed by the state’s onshore gas industry. While NSW onshore gas projects are a relatively small drawer of groundwater resources, monitoring of all water use...


Resisting gas reservation is in everyone’s benefit

Blog Post  |  by David Byers 18 August 2014

The economic transition taking place in Australia today is delivering winners and losers because that is the nature of change. The role of government is not to resist change and to prop up the losers but to facilitate the shift for the long-term bene...


Gas production is proven to be healthy

Blog Post  |  by Paul Fennelly 16 August 2014

One-third of eastern Australia’s natural gas supply comes from coal seams and there are 1.3 million gas users in NSW alone. If natural gas was bad for our health, I think we’d know about it. What we do know is that tens of thousands of pe...

Dead end

Gas reservation no answer for manufacturing woes

Blog Post 13 August 2014

With some manufacturers still calling for domestic gas reservation, it is timely to examine Energy Supply Association of Australia (ESAA) forecasts for domestic gas consumption over the next two decades. In an article for Business Spectator, energy a...

Green tick

CSIRO report points to environmental benefits of CSG

Media Release 1 August 2014

A new CSIRO report finds greenhouse gas emissions from Australian coal seam gas production wells to be very low, especially when compared to the volume of gas the wells produce.

The facts

Fabricating ‘facts’ on fraccing

Blog Post  |  by Paul Fennelly 31 July 2014

Australia’s natural gas industry is used to uninformed media commentary based on the professional misinformation campaigns of environmental activists but Ross Mueller takes fact butchering to a new level (Clock’s ticking on fracking so let’s st...

NSW needs gas

Campaign to secure NSW natural gas supply

Media Release 28 July 2014

The natural gas industry is today launching a new public information campaign to encourage NSW politicians from all political parties to support the development of the local natural gas industry.

Gas flame on oven

Customers recognise need to increase gas production

Blog Post  |  by Damian Dwyer 25 July 2014

The Australian oil and gas industry welcomes findings of a new report from major gas customers that highlight the urgent need to increase production of natural gas across eastern Australia (“Gas supply can power our future”, Daily Telegraph 23 Ju...

Santos, Fairview CSG project

Manufacturers’ report reinforces need for gas expansion

Media Release 21 July 2014

The Australian oil and gas industry welcomes findings of a new report from major customers that highlight the urgent need to remove regulatory constraints and increase production of natural gas across eastern Australia. The gas customer groups commis...


Don’t give into fraccing fear

Blog Post  |  by Stedman Ellis 21 July 2014

Anti-development group Frack Free Geraldton continues to use discredited research in its efforts to frighten people into thinking shale gas poses a risk to groundwater. A recent advertisement published in the Geraldton Guardian (July 11), suggests th...

2013 Policy Priorities

Industry welcomes Government move to restore certainty

Media Release 18 July 2014

The oil and gas industry welcomes the Federal Government’s move to restore certainty to Australia’s offshore resources sector. The Senate’s decision on Wednesday night to disallow offshore visa regulations critical to the industry had the poten...

Carbon tax repeal removes cost burden on LNG exporters

Media Release 17 July 2014

Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) Chief Executive David Byers said: “Today’s repeal of the carbon pricing mechanism is significant as it removes a cost facing Australian LNG exporters competing in global market...


ALP position threatens jobs & investment

Media Release 15 July 2014

The oil and gas industry encourages the Australian Labor Party to take a step back and make a clear-eyed assessment of what will be jeopardised if it fails to support the use of Maritime Crew visas. APPEA continues to support the repeal of the Offsho...


Natural gas: part of the greenhouse solution

Blog Post  |  by David Byers 15 July 2014

In The Weekend Australian, Danish writer and Adjunct Professor at the Copenhagen Business School, Bjorn Lomborg, makes a compelling argument about the significant role natural gas has and will continue to have in reducing global greenhouse emissions...


More gas, not less, will benefit manufacturers

Blog Post  |  by David Byers 14 July 2014

Letter to the editor: The Australian The Australian Workers Union’s new National Secretary Scott McDine is right to identify energy security, and its direct link to the economic fortunes of his members, as a critical challenge (Howes’ success...


Alarmist rhetoric harms NSW energy security

Media Release 8 July 2014

The oil and gas industry is alarmed by the NSW Labor Party’s continued politicisation of gas development in that state. NSW has a looming energy security problem, with the state currently importing 95 per cent of its gas supply and facing the very...

Marita Bradshaw

Dr Marita Bradshaw retires, leaving a great legacy

Blog Post 4 July 2014

Leading Australian geologist Dr Marita Bradshaw retired at the end of June after many years of dedicated service at Geoscience Australia. With more than 30 years of government and petroleum experience, Dr Bradshaw helped form strategies that have cem...

How do you start a $20 billion machine?

The Tech Drill  |  by Rick Wilkinson 3 July 2014

A modern LNG project is a very complicated mechanical system whose parts must work in harmony from the gas wells, through pipelines and processing plants, to the ship that stores the gas as LNG at -161C.