The APPEA 2017 Conference (to be held in Perth from 14-17 May) offers insights into the oil and gas industry’s role and opportunities in a period of rapid change and turbulence.

This is a year of critical importance for Australia’s energy and climate policies – and the Conference theme – Energy in Transition – sets the frame for a plenary program that examines the powerful factors shaping the future of one of Australia’s most important industries.

“This conference points the way forward,” says APPEA Chairman Bruce Lake.

“This event remains the best forum for examining the issues facing our industry – and it is APPEA’s strongest platform for conveying key messages to politicians, our supplier partners and the media.”

APPEA has now released the plenary program for the Conference: a wide range of expert commentary and analysis of the shape of things to come for the upstream petroleum sector as it deals with technological advances, geopolitical shifts and the relentless pressure of global competition.

The Conference and the Exhibition, now in its 57th year, will once again bring together oil and gas professionals, industry leaders, analysts and policymakers from across Australia and around the world, says Mr Lake.

“At times like this, the Conference and Exhibition is more important than ever for members of our industry,” he says.

“In hard times, companies must not only tighten their belts. They must innovate and form new partnerships. APPEA 2017 will facilitate these processes by providing an abundance of ideas, project case studies, technology news and networking opportunities.”

The event offers more than 100 presentations and panel discussions, as well as a 9,000 square metre Exhibition.

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