Four of the APPEA 2017 Conference’s plenary sessions will conclude with high-powered panel discussions.

Energy – the shape of things to come (Monday 15 May, 11am)

This session explores how the future of energy is being shaped by a range of powerful factors. There is a global shift to cleaner forms of production; new sources of supply are being tapped; technological advances are creating new opportunities; and the pressure of global competition is relentless.

The speakers will discuss the challenges and opportunities these changes create for the oil and gas industry. The panellists include:

  • Royal Dutch Shell Vice President Global Business Environment, Jeremy Bentham
  • Siemens Vice President, Oil & Gas Strategy, Thomas Sparks
  • Russian National Energy Security Fund Director General, Dr Konstantin Simonov
  • Tellurian Senior Advisor Martin Houston.

Diversity and inclusion: improving profitability, reputation and effectiveness (Tuesday 16 May, 9am)

This session will explore the role of diversity in developing a strong business and the opportunities and challenges in implementing diversity and inclusion when an industry is in a period of slower growth.

Shell Australia General Manager, Crux, Michael Schoch will facilitate the session and the concluding panel discussion. Speakers include:

  • Clough Managing Director, Peter Bennett
  • BHP Billiton Petroleum General Manager, Graham Salmond
  • EY Oceania Markets Leader, Lynn Krauss.

The Australian oil and gas industry in transition (Wednesday 17 May, 8.30am)

The speakers and the panel discussion will discuss the changing business and social environment – and the challenges and opportunities it poses for Australia’s oil and gas industry.

The session will be facilitated by former Executive Director of the International Energy Agency, Maria van der Hoeven. Panellists include:

  • BP Developments Australia Managing Director, Claire Fitzpatrick
  • ExxonMobil Australia Chairman, Richard Owen
  • Senex Energy Chief Executive, Ian Davies.

Addressing trust challenges and regulatory uncertainty (Wednesday 17 May, 2.30pm)

Sophisticated activism has amplified trust issues in the wake of incidents such as Macondo, and has muddied the waters on issues such as hydraulic fracturing and the role of gas in fighting climate change. Energy policy and industry regulation have also become politicised.

Leading journalist Ali Moore will facilitate the session and the concluding panel discussion. Speakers include:

  • Futureye Managing Director, Katherine Teh-White
  • Origin Energy Chief Executive Officer – Integrated Gas, David Baldwin
  • NOPSEMA Chief Executive, Stuart Smith
  • KPMG Global Leader for Human Rights and Social Impact, Richard Boele.

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