Under APPEA’s Constitution, Directors are required to retire every two years on a rotational basis and may stand for re-election at that time. In addition, Directors must also retire and may stand for re-election if they were appointed to fill a casual vacancy during the year.

This year, eleven (11) vacancies have arisen on the 16-member board. These vacancies will be filled by nomination and by election if required, with the results to be announced at the APPEA Annual General Meeting on 30 November 2017 in Perth.

Retiring Directors are:
1. Michael Abbott, Woodside (retiring by rotation)
2. Frank Calabria, Origin (due to casual vacancy)
3. Claire Fitzpatrick, BP (retiring by rotation)
4. Seiya Ito, INPEX (retiring by rotation)
5. Wendy King, ConocoPhillips (due to casual vacancy)
6. Richard Owen, Exxon Mobil (retiring by rotation)
7. Graham Salmond, BHP (due to casual vacancy)
8. Peter Stickland, Melbana (retiring by rotation)
9. Eric Streitberg, Buru (retiring by rotation)
10. Brett Woods, Santos (retiring by rotation)
11. Zoe Yujnovich, Shell (due to casual vacancy)

Nominations are called to fill these eleven (11) vacancies.

If the number of nominations is more than the number of vacancies to be filled, an election by ballot of all Full Members must take place. Voting closes at 12 midday AEDT on 28 November 2017.

Any Full Member company may nominate a candidate for election. Please contact Cath Sutton for a nomination form. The nomination of any person for election to the Board must be in writing and signed by a Full Member and the candidate. Nominations must be received by APPEA’s Company Secretary by 12 midday AEDT on 14 November 2017, either by email to [email protected], or by mail.

The role of the APPEA Board is to operate at the highest level of policy and to set and steer the overall strategic direction of the Association. Nominees are therefore expected to hold the most senior position within the nominating company and at least be the equivalent of the Chief Executive of the oil and gas exploration and production business in cases where the company concerned has multiple businesses.

Your attention is drawn to Article 6.8(b) of the Constitution, which states that “a Full Member is entitled to exercise a right to vote at a general meeting only if all monies payable by the Full Member to the Company have been paid”.

For further information on what is involved in being a Director, please contact Cath Sutton, Company Secretary – phone (02) 6267 0909; email [email protected]: or post GPO Box 2201 Canberra ACT 2601.

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