Principles of conduct

APPEA members seek opportunities to improve business practices and economic, safety, environmental, and social performance.

The performance of APPEA members must not only comply with the requirements of all laws and regulations, but also be consistent with the industry’s overall objective of maintaining a social license to operate.

In striving to achieve this, APPEA and its members endorse the following Principles of Conduct:

Continuously strive to improve health, safety and environmental performance in ways that:

  • Protect people and the environment through the responsible management of operations and their impacts
  • Incorporate risk management strategies based on sound science, to the application of new technologies and industry practices
  • Engage constructively with government and industry to develop appropriate principles/objectives-based standards.

Promoting and adhering to ethical and responsible business practices, so that APPEA members:

  • Make both ethical business practices and good corporate governance pervasive features of company operations
  • Use open and effective communication and engagement with communities, regulators, government, and other affected parties.

Supporting social and economic development in Australia in ways that:

  • Respect the rights, property and dignity of the communities in which we operate and acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as the first peoples of Australia
  • Enable members to co-exist with stakeholders to generate long-term mutual benefit c Enable member activities to foster economic growth and enduring value
  • Provide Australian suppliers full and fair opportunity to compete for commercially competitive resource development activities.

Commitment to these principles is an expectation of APPEA membership.