Latest APPEA COVID-19 updates

Resources sector national COVID-19 response principles and protocols:

APPEA video – Managing the challenge, supporting recovery

COVID-19 Wellbeing Framework

  • The COVID–19 Wellbeing Framework has been developed by the Australian oil and gas industry in recognition of the changes and challenges for the upstream oil and gas industry workforce and their families during the COVID-19 emergency.
  • The Framework provides a best practice guide for industry to protect the wellbeing of its workforce and their families.
  • Read here: COVID-19 Wellbeing Framework – 6-5-20

State and territory information:

APPEA updates on COVID-19:

  • The Australian oil and gas industry is responding to the personnel and operational challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure vital energy supplies are maintained.
  • Our industry’s first priority is the health and safety of people, whether they work for member companies, contractors, or are part of the wider community.
  • Energy supply is essential. This means maintaining our industry’s ability to operate safely and sustainably and continue gas supply to all Australians who rely on it in their daily lives.
  • Industry takes very seriously its responsibility to continue to power Australian homes, businesses, hospitals, schools and other industries. It’s essential we continue to do so and, accordingly, we are treating the operational challenges posed by COVID-19 very seriously.
  • We are committed to working with the state and federal governments – as well as key industry stakeholders – to ensure security of energy supply and to maintain the industry as a key engine of economic stability.
  • With many interstate workers employed at Australia’s oil and gas facilities, we appreciate that governments are committed to working with the industry to establish appropriate protocols and where necessary dispensations to allow the movement of essential FIFO workers, under strict conditions and health requirements, between our operations and their homes in other states.
  • The industry continues to work constructively with state and federal governments as well as our counterparts in the mining sector to establish a process to allow for these dispensations to be safely and appropriately considered.
  • Access to these workers and those with specialist skills when required will be critical to preserving the operational capability and safety of our gas producing assets, and will ensure a strong base after this crisis is over from which the Australian economy can start to rebuild.
  • The economic contribution of Australia’s oil and gas industry is vital as other parts of the economy are severely constrained by the impacts of COVID-19.

APPEA is carefully monitoring the situation and will provide regular updates as more information on COVID-19 arises.