Environment policy

In Australia, petroleum exploration and production operations are conducted in a wide range of onshore and offshore environments.

The oil and gas industry applies extensive environmental management strategies to ensure our operations are conducted safely and responsibly.

The industry also works to the highest standards and has a long history of world-class responsible environmental management.

APPEA members are committed to responsible resource and environmental management practices as an integral part of their daily operations.

Recognising the need to avoid or minimise and manage impacts to the environment, when undertaking activities APPEA members:

  • Assess the risks to, and impacts on, the environment as part of the planning process
  • Reduce the impact of operations on the environment, to as low as reasonably practicable and to an acceptable level by using the best available technology and management practices
  • Consult with stakeholders regarding industry activities
  • Develop and maintain a corporate culture of environmental awareness and commitment that supports the necessary management practices and technology, and their continuous improvement.

Environment policy

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The offshore oil and gas industry is subject to some of the world’s most rigorous regulations.

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State and territory governments to regulate onshore petroleum activities under relevant legislation.

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Read APPEA's publications, resources and research materials relating to environment, health and safety.

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The oil and gas industry supports effective, efficient and transparent regulation, based on sound science.

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APPEA’s Code of Environmental Practice for industry

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