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Codes of practice

Open for consultation

Joint industry Operational and Scientific Monitoring Plan Framework

An Operational and Scientific Monitoring Plan (OSMP) is a key component in the suite of environmental management documents for offshore petroleum activities, which includes an Environment Plan (EP) and Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (OPEP).

The OSMP and its supporting documents are instrumental in providing situational awareness, in the unlikely event of a hydrocarbon spill, enabling Incident Management Teams/Emergency Management Teams (IMT/EMTs) to make informed decisions to minimise environmental impacts.

An OSMP is also the principal tool for determining the extent, consequence and persistence of environmental impacts and resultant remediation activities.

To date, titleholders have worked independently to develop and implement their OSMP frameworks. This has led to a variety of different procedures and methods being produced.

Written feedback on the Joint Industry Operational and Scientific Framework and supporting documents: Operational Monitoring Plans and Scientific Monitoring Plans may be provided to

Safety guidelines

MODU Mooring in Australian Tropical Waters Guideline

Financial assurance

  • 2018 Method for financial assurance: Please contact Jason Medd ( for information on the 2018 Method for Financial Assurance.
  • 2018 APPEA Method for financial assurance: The Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) has developed the 2018 APPEA Method for Estimating Levels of Financial Assurance (APPEA method) which presents a standard method that is intended to be applicable to most petroleum activities undertaken in Australian waters. Please contact Jason Medd ( for information on the 2018 Method for Financial Assurance.
  • 2014 version: Method to assist in estimating appropriate levels of financial assurance (Historic)

Green Tape

Climate change

The Blue Books

APPEA has finalised funding arrangements for a new edition of the independent offshore research publication, Blue Book 3.

APPEA released Blue Book 1, Environmental implications of oil and gas development: The findings of an independent scientific review, in 1994 (with a supplementary release, Blue Book 2, in 2003).

Blue Books 1 and 2 have served industry well, managing stakeholder concerns, building regulator confidence and contributing to the industry’s social licence to operate.

Blue Book 3 is being produced under APPEA’s Marine Environmental Science Program (MESP).

It will communicate the scientific knowledge base and environmental impacts of oil and gas development on the marine environment. This project is expected to take two years and will include chapters on environmental aspects, stressors and hazards. An independent scientific panel will review the report before publication.

So far, the MESP has delivered or contributed to the following papers and databases:

Copies of Blue Book 1 and Blue Book 2 can be ordered from APPEA.

  • Blue Book 1 (hardback): $245
  • Blue Book 2 (CD-ROM): $110

To order please contact email

Other environmental research