Submissions and reports – 2013

APPEA Annual Report 2012-13

Submission to National Commission of Audit

Submission to Inquiry into Microeconomic Reform in Western Australia

Submission to Committee on the Northern Territory’s Energy Future

Submission: Australia’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Targets and Progress Review Draft Report 

Report on Western Australian Gas Statement of Opportunities

Submission to Inquiry on the Implications of Hydraulic Fracturing for Unconventional Gas in WA

Submission to Inquiry into Geothermal and Petroleum Energy Legislation Amendment Bill 2013 (WA)

Submission on the Emissions Reduction Fund terms of reference

The economic impacts of a domestic gas reservation

A domestic gas reservation would generate an economic loss that would compound over time.

The Benefits of Natural Gas for NSW

Bringing NSW natural gas into production would enhance the state’s energy security, create jobs, put downward pressure on energy costs, and significantly boost economic and regional development in NSW.

Submission on the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority Cost Recovery Impact Statement 2014-16

The Natural Gas Revolution: Natural gas from shale and tight rocks

Shale and tight gas resources have the potential to transform Australia’s energy production.

WA Legislative Assembly Economics & Industry Committee: Inquiry into Floating LNG

2013 Policy Priorities

APPEA outlines the policy reforms necessary to enable the ongoing growth of Australia’s natural gas industry and optimise its contribution to national prosperity.

Potential economic significance of NSW coal seam gas

CSG could become a key part of the NSW energy supply mix, delivering significant economic benefits to the state and to the nation. But there is considerable uncertainty about the development of the industry in NSW.

Australian Jobs Bill

The Australian Jobs Bill is likely to escalate compliance costs without a demonstrated commensurate additional benefit to Australian suppliers.

Domestic Gas Market Interventions: International Experience

Government interventions in 20 domestic wholesale gas markets around the world show domestic gas reservation impairs local supply and availability.

Cutting Green Tape

Inappropriate and inefficient regulation is increasing costs to industry and threatening future investment without delivering additional environmental benefits.

Submission: Caps and Targets Review, issues paper

Analysis of the Long Distance Commuter Workforce Across Australia

Fly-in, fly-out and drive-in, drive-out workers are spreading the benefits of the resources boom across Australia.

Analysis of the Changing Demographic Profile of Australia’s Mining Communities

The resources sector is driving economic and social development, as well as population growth, in several regions of Australia.

APPEA Budget Submission