Skills and careers

Developing the skilled workforce and the local industry supply capability needed to build and operate the oil and gas projects now under construction is a major challenge.

The oil and gas industry is facing unprecedented growth in liquefied natural gas and coal seam gas projects across Australia, but is competing for labour with many mining and infrastructure projects that are also planned for construction over the next five years.

A skills capability gap exists at a highly technical and senior level. There will also be a growing demand for technical personnel in oil and gas plant process operations and maintenance, and supervisors with appropriate levels of technical and safety experience and front-line management skills.

In the operational phase of projects, the industry continues to face skills gaps and shortages in professional disciplines such as geosciences and various forms of engineering, as well as increasing competition for electrical and process technicians.

Government and industry have moved to identify and address critical skills and labour issues in the resources sector.

APPEA and its members are focusing on:

  • Improving understanding of the upstream industry’s skills and labour needs
  • Identifying strategies to improve skills and labour supply through workforce planning and development
  • Promoting career opportunities in the oil and gas sector
  • Maximising returns from government education and training policies.