Oil & Gas Industry Training Fund

APPEA has been recognised by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) as an industry training fund for the oil and gas sector.

Under current arrangements, companies sponsoring 457 visa holders are required to either :

  • invest the equivalent of 1% of payroll expenditure on structured training for its Australian employees; or
  • invest the equivalent of 2% of payroll expenditure to an industry training fund to ‘develop the human capital of Australian citizens or permanent residents’ (Training Benchmark A)

APPEA’s oil and gas industry training fund is approved by DIAC as meeting Training Benchmark A. Companies operating in or contracting to the oil and gas sector who sponsor 457 visa holders can contribute to the APPEA fund to meet that regulatory requirement. The purpose of the Benchmark is to recognise the contribution that employers may make to the training of Australian citizens and permanent residents beyond their workforce.

APPEA intends to use funds received to support our current Scholarships Program and, depending on the level of funds received, extend our scholarships into other areas such as vocational training, engineering degrees, or the Indigenous Australian Engineering Summer School for Year 11 and 12 students. These will be determined and overseen by APPEA’s Scholarships Committee.

Receipts issued will be recognised by DIAC as meeting the requirements of Training Benchmark A and APPEA will report annually as to how the funds were expended.

For more information on 457 visa requirements email 457policy@immi.gov.au

For more information on Training Benchmark A, see this webpage.

To make a contribution to the Fund to meet Training Benchmark A, complete the contribution form (instructions for making the payment are on the form). Alternatively, contact APPEA 08 9426 7209.