Creating jobs

Nationwide benefits

Modelling undertaken by Deloitte Access Economics estimated that over the current LNG projects’ investment phase, oil and gas investment and construction activity would create about 103,000 (full-time equivalent) jobs across the Australian economy.

While most jobs are being created in WA, the Northern Territory and Queensland, there are also significant oil and gas operations in South Australia and Victoria.

In addition, companies all over Australia are supplying goods and services to the oil and gas industry, and the use of fly-in, fly-out staffing is spreading the benefits of the industry across Australia.

Queensland and NSW

Queensland’s coal seam gas and LNG sectors are providing thousands of well paid, skilled jobs.


People working in Queensland’s CSG and LNG industries are involved in a wide range of tasks including one or more of the following:

  • Drilling and exploration at gas fields.
  • Constructing pipelines, compression stations and related infrastructure.
  • Constructing LNG processing plant facilities and infrastructure in Gladstone.
  • Operating and maintaining pipelines, compression stations and infrastructure.
  • Operating and maintaining LNG processing plant facilities in Gladstone.

Western Australia and the Northern Territory

The three operating LNG projects and four new LNG projects under construction in Western Australia and the Northern Territory are also major job generators.

The Gorgon project is forecast to generate 7000 jobs during construction and will provide a long term source of revenue and employment for Australian industry (with an estimated $33 billion to be spent on local goods and services during the project’s first 30 years).