What is natural gas?

Gas is a reliable, cleaner-burning fuel. It is flexible and plentiful and underpins growing domestic and export production sectors.

Natural gas primarily consists of methane. It is found in several different types of rocks, including sandstone, coal seams and shales. Methane at its core is simple: It’s just one carbon molecule surrounded by four hydrogen molecules – CH4.

Uses of gas

Of all fuel types, gas offers the best combination of abundance, cleanness, affordability, reliability and flexibility.

Gas is used to generate electricity and to power appliances such as heaters and stoves.

It is also important in many industrial processes, including making fertilisers, glass, steel, plastics, paint, fabrics and many other products.

The Australian gas industry

Australia’s rapidly expanding gas industry is driving enormous investment in this country, creating more than a hundred thousand jobs and delivering about $8 billion a year in tax revenue.

Australia has more than 800 trillion cubic feet (TCF) of gas resources (including proven and contingent resources) – enough to power a city of 1 million people for 16,000 years. More discoveries are considered likely. Geologists are optimistic that exploration will uncover more gas to add to this base.