Subsea and well integrity

APPEA is working with governments and overseas operators to improve well integrity, employee competencies, and preparedness and response capability in the event of loss of control at an offshore well.

Subsea well response projects

APPEA is working with the international oil and gas industry to ensure Australia has access to the world’s best well incident prevention and response capability. The International Oil and Gas Producers Association’s Global Industry Response Group established a Subsea Well Response Project, which includes a complete subsea incident response package of well capping equipment and a Subsea First Response Toolkit (SFRT) for use anywhere in the world.

The Australian project led to a world-class SFRT. Funded by an industry consortium, it provides specialised equipment in Australia for immediate use at the start of a subsea well control event. The Australian SFRT was developed in partnership with the global SFRT and is compatible with it. It contains equipment to clean around the wellhead, enable intervention and prepare for relief well drilling and installation of a capping device.

As part of this initiative, the Australian oil and gas industry also established a 500 cubic metre stockpile of dispersant for use as part of a well source control system.

Oil spill preparation and response

Oil spill preparedness and response capacity are improving through regional cooperation and collaboration with the Australian Marine Oil Spill Centre (AMOSC). APPEA’s Environment Committee established an Oil Spill Working Group to develop clear responsibilities for the stakeholders and regulatory agencies involved in responding to an oil spill, and common strategies for issues such as oiled wildlife, use of dispersants, modelling and monitoring.

AMOSC’s spill response capability has expanded with increased investment in equipment and doubling the size of the trained oil spill response team.