Health & safety

APPEA aims to support excellence in the oil and gas industry’s health, safety and environmental performance. It does this by:

  • promoting the attainment of high standards through benchmarking and the identification and sharing of lessons learned and best practice;
  • facilitating a whole-of-industry approach through the CEOs Safety Leadership Forum;
  • promoting a performance-based regulatory regime that is applied in a consistent, cost-effective and efficient manner across all operations and jurisdictions;
  • developing and implementing collaborative initiatives to drive improvements in the industry’s performance;
  • increasing government and community understanding of the industry’s health and safety performance.

Health and safety performance

Incident statistics compiled by APPEA reveal a steady improvement in the oil and gas industry’s health and safety performance.

In 2013, the number of lost time injuries per million hours worked declined to 0.54 compared to 1.0 in 2010 and 3.4 in 1996.

The total recordable injury rate (recordable injuries per million hours worked) followed a similar trend, declining to 3.79 in 2013 compared with 4.91 in 2012,  5.1 in 2010 and 13.4 in 1996.

Injury rates have declined despite a significant increase in industry activity and hours worked over recent years. Onshore drilling activity has expanded rapidly to meet the needs of Queensland’s coal seam gas industry; and construction activity, particularly in Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia, has reached unprecedented levels.