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The Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) is the effective voice of Australia’s upstream oil and gas industry on the issues that matter, working collaboratively with industry and the community.

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Call for nominations: the Reg Sprigg Medal

The APPEA Board has issued a call for nominations for the Reg Sprigg Medal. The APPEA Board awards the Reg Sprigg Gold Medal to recognise an individual’s outstanding service in promoting the Australian oil and gas exploration and production industry’s objectives.

Introduced in 1989 as the APEA Gold Medal, this award was renamed the Reg Sprigg Medal in 1995 to commemorate the exceptional contributions Dr Reginald Sprigg AO (1919-1994) provided to the petroleum industry as a geologist, company executive, and APPEA’s founding Chairman.

Candidates may be considered eligible for their outstanding service either through highly valued contributions within or for the Australian oil and gas industry or through sustained, notable leadership within APPEA.

For more information about the Reg Sprigg Medal, visit our Awards page.


Call for nominations: the Lewis G Weeks Medal

The APPEA Board has issued a call for nominations for the Lewis G Weeks Medal. The APPEA Board awards the Lewis G Weeks Medal to commemorate the contribution of Dr Weeks’ pioneering geological work in Bass Strait and its contribution to Australian petroleum exploration.

To be considered for this award, a candidate must have made an outstanding contribution to the art, science or practice of petroleum exploration. Past recipients have demonstrated distinguished service to the industry in the development or application of exploration techniques, or in teaching.

For more information about the Lewis G Weeks Medal, visit our Awards page.

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Statement from APPEA Chief Executive Andrew McConville in response to today’s announcement that there will be no exploration for gas off the coast between Port Stephens and Sydney

APPEA is disappointed with the decision taken by the Australian Government to not approve the application...

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Media release: Natural gas to underpin WA’s economy for decades to come

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Report reaffirms place for gas in lower emissions future

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Information and engagement

Key statistics and information

Learn about the latest economic and statistical trends for to the upstream oil and gas sector.

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Indigenous opportunities

Learn about oil and gas industry benefits for Aboriginal Territorians.

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More supply for competitive prices

Read and opinion editorial by APPEA's Chief Executive Andrew McConville published on June 2 2020.

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