APPEA offers a number of Awards recognising outstanding achievement and service to Australia’s oil and gas industry.

APPEA Environment and Safety Excellence Awards

Australia’s oil and gas industry has an unwavering commitment to the highest environment, health and safety standards.

Proactive environment and safety management measures are now embedded into the day-to-day existence of Australia’s innovative oil and gas industry.

APPEA’s Environment and Safety Excellence Awards aim to reflect and support the safety and environmental principles and leadership of the Australian oil and gas industry by highlighting outstanding examples of performance.

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Reg Sprigg Medal

The APPEA Board awards the Reg Sprigg Medal to recognise an individual’s outstanding service in promoting the Australian oil and gas exploration and production industry’s objectives.
Introduced in 1989 as the APEA Gold Medal, this award was renamed the Reg Sprigg Medal in 1995 to commemorate the exceptional contributions Dr Reginald Sprigg AO (1919-1994) provided to the petroleum industry as a geologist, company executive and APPEA’s founding Chairman.
Candidates may be considered eligible for their outstanding service either through highly valued contributions within or for the Australian oil and gas industry or through sustained, notable leadership within APPEA.
Nominations for the award must be seconded by a Director of the APPEA Board.
Previous winners of Reg Sprigg Medal:
  • 2010 Eve Howell
  • 2009 Reg Nelson
  • 2008 Eric Streitberg
  • 2007 No award
  • 2006 Barry Jones
  • 2005 Agu Kantsler
  • 2004 No award
  • 2003 John G Fuller
  • 2002 Rick Wilkinson
  • 2001 Nicholas Heath

The Lewis G Weeks Medal

The APPEA Board awards the Lewis G Weeks Medal to commemorate the contribution of Dr Weeks’ pioneering geological work in Bass Strait and its contribution to Australian petroleum exploration.

To be considered for this award, a candidate must have made an outstanding contribution to the art, science or practice of petroleum exploration. Past recipients have demonstrated distinguished service to the industry in the development or application of exploration techniques, or in teaching, and are listed here.

  • 2020 No Conference & no medal awarded
  • 2019 No medal awarded
  • 2018 No medal awarded
  • 2017 No medal awarded
  • 2016 No medal awarded
  • 2015 No medal awarded
  • 2014 No medal awarded
  • 2013 Mr Barry Goldstein
  • 2012 No award made
  • 2011 Dr William H. Butler (Harry Butler)
  • 2010 Peter and Robyn Purcell
  • 2009 No award made
  • 2008 No award made
  • 2007 Dr Marita Bradshaw
  • 2006 No award made
  • 2005 Dr Trevor Powell
  • 2004 Dr Peter J Cook
  • 2003 Dr Robin Hleby
  • 2002 Bob Laws
  • 2001 Charles Allen
  • 2000 Professor Bob Alexander
  • 1999 Dr S Bevan Devine
  • 1998 Dr William Stuart
  • 1997 Mr Hugh Crocker
  • 1996 Professor S Warren Carey
  • 1995 Dr Phillip Playford
  • 1994 Mr Roy Hopkins
  • 1993 Dr Peter Power
  • 1992 No award made
  • 1991 No award made
  • 1990 No award made
  • 1989 No award made
  • 1988 Mr Ken Richards
  • 1987 Mr Maurice Alan Condon
  • 1986 Mr David James McGarry AM
  • 1985 Mr Geoff Donaldson AO
  • 1984 Professor Eric Rudd AC
  • 1983 Dr Doug Traves OBE
  • 1982 Dr Reginald Sprigg AO

The Lewis G Weeks Medal is only awarded to outstanding individuals, with candidates being assessed by the APPEA Board. Nominations must be made in writing and seconded by a Director of the APPEA Board. These should be sent to