Gas industry primed to fuel NT’s economic future  

The newly released Northern Territory Economic Development Framework recognises the vital role that natural gas will play as a major growth sector helping to maintain and grow living standards across the NT.

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New research to improve understanding of seismic impact

Australia's oil and gas industry supports more research on how seismic surveys affect tiny marine creatures. CSIRO research indicates that zooplankton biomass recovers only three days after completion of a seismic survey.

SA Budget maintains the PACE

The South Australian Budget confirms the Government’s ongoing support for gas exploration. The Plan for Accelerating Exploration (PACE) program is helping bring more gas to market and will benefit local businesses and consumers.

Revised gas forecast shows no need for export controls

The latest Energy Supply Outlook shows there is no need to restrict Queensland LNG exports. By discouraging new gas investment, gas export controls could further weaken gas supply.

Finkel Report charts way out of policy impasse

The Finkel Review’s recommendations – including a Clean Energy Target and removing blanket bans and moratoria on gas development – could resolve the climate policy impasse and put downward pressure on energy prices.

Statoil move a boost for exploration in Great Australian Bight

Norway's Statoil will pursue plans to explore for oil in the Great Australian Bight. Success in the Bight would attract substantial investment to South Australia and see significant local job creation.

Victoria seeks to punish other states for its own policy failure

The Victorian Government's calls for tougher gas export controls are an attempt to evade its responsibility for helping to create a tight east coast gas market.

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Natural gas – essential for Australian manufacturing

Natural gas is a vital raw material for manufacturing. Manufacturers use almost a third of gas consumed in Australia. Gas is essential for many industrial processes and is used in many everyday products.

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Australia’s oil and gas industry: a snapshot

The oil and gas industry underpins Australia's economy, energy security and living standards, and contributes significantly to regional development.

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Gas and graziers: co-existence in the NT

Northern Territory grazier Greg Saunders supports the local onshore gas industry and believes it creates opportunities for landholders.

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Finkel Review calls for Clean Energy Target & removal of blanket bans & moratoriums on #natgas development #auspol
Australian oil & gas industry supports more research on how seismic surveys affect plankton.
CSIRO research indicates that zooplankton biomass recovers in about three days after completion of a seismic survey.
CSIRO research confirms #CSG well completions have low fugitive gas emissions. Reliable cleaner energy #Yes2Gas
Energy Supply Outlook shows there's no need to restrict QLD LNG exports. Export controls deter gas supply investment
Gas industry primed to fuel NT’s economic future. Report recognises #natgas will be major NT growth sector #ntpol
Letting Clean Energy Finance Corp support carbon capture & storage makes sense. CCS can cut emissions by up to 90%
Allowing CEFC investment in CCS is a boost for technology with significant potential to cut greenhouse gas emissions
Allowing CEFC support for carbon capture & storage could cut emissions from major industries & energy sector.
Time to sort out Australia's energy and climate policy mess, and remove barriers to #natgas production #auspol
Without more investment in energy - including gas exploration & production - Australia's energy problems will keep…
Restrictions on #natgas exploration & production create an artificial shortage - which pushes up prices & undermine…

Science & Technology

CSG water can be safely reinjected into aquifers: CSIRO

Water produced during coal seam gas extraction can be safely re-injected hundreds of metres underground, according to new CSIRO research. This can help replenish aquifers used by farmers and communities.

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2017 APPEA Conference & Exhibition

The APPEA Conference & Exhibition is the southern hemisphere's largest annual upstream oil and gas conference.
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Horizontal drilling reduces environmental impacts, increases gas production

Horizontal drilling is a proven technology that reduces oil and gas wells’ environmental impacts while also improving production.

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Developed and delivered in partnership with Curtin University, these one-day seminars give a broad understanding of the Australian oil and gas industry.