Budget to help deliver new gas supply

Initiatives announced in the Commonwealth budget will support the delivery of new gas supply into the east coast market.

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Safety process earns Woodside an APPEA Award

Woodside Energy has won the APPEA Safety Excellence Award. In 2016, the company achieved an exceptional health and safety performance and also laid a strong foundation for future improvements in safety management.

Woodside clears the air to win APPEA Environment Award

Woodside Energy received the APPEA Environment Excellence Award at Tuesday night’s APPEA 2017 Conference Dinner in Perth.

Panel discussions to energise APPEA 2017

Four of the APPEA 2017 Conference’s plenary sessions will conclude with high-powered panel discussions.

Senate Committee majority supports Great Australian Bight exploration

Another Senate Inquiry has had a clear majority of its voting members support oil and gas operations in the Great Australian Bight, subject to robust regulatory standards. Australia's offshore petroleum industry has operated safely and sustainably for decades.

Climate change policy review: natural gas essential for cleaner energy

Every analysis by credible experts shows that natural gas is essential to delivering reliable, cleaner energy over the next 20 years. Yet Australian energy and climate policies often work counter to this need.

APPEA welcomes new Queensland GasFields Commission legislation

Proposed legislation to enhance the operations of Queensland's GasFields Commission is based on a balanced review of options. A commitment to coexistence and win-win solutions continues to produce results in Queensland.

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Natural gas – essential for Australian manufacturing

Natural gas is a vital raw material for manufacturing. Manufacturers use almost a third of gas consumed in Australia. Gas is essential for many industrial processes and is used in many everyday products.

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Australia’s oil and gas industry: a snapshot

The oil and gas industry underpins Australia's economy, energy security and living standards, and contributes significantly to regional development.

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Gas and graziers: co-existence in the NT

Northern Territory grazier Greg Saunders supports the local onshore gas industry and believes it creates opportunities for landholders.

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To be effective, Australia's climate change policies must recognise that #natgas is vital in emissions reduction… https://t.co/x6PThVjcyO
Many climate policies fail to combine emissions reduction with energy security & reduce emissions at least cost… https://t.co/A70BfHCUGn
Every credible analysis shows #natgas is crucial to delivering reliable, cleaner energy over next 20 years. #auspol https://t.co/g9hDJCLpJ6
NSW and Victoria's anti-gas policies are NOT green. They are effectively locking in dependence on coal-fired power. https://t.co/mrsWhRvVBP
Clear majority of Senate Inquiry voting members support #oilandgas operations in Bight, subject to robust regulation https://t.co/8bja00Zpco
Australia's offshore oil&gas industry has operated safely & sustainably for decades. VIC & WA can do it, why not SA? https://t.co/ScExTV6BqU
Great Tuesday morning #appea2017 presentation by former #oilandgas engineer Yassmin Abdel-Magied on diversity and i… https://t.co/A9vGwtWKEj
Australia has succeeded as a high-cost, low-risk country. We mustn't become a high-cost, high-risk nation. APPEA Ch… https://t.co/RXAlqjxlC0
For all the latest news on #APPEA2017 Conference & Exhibition (Perth 14-17 May) see https://t.co/aH6NpiLwgo &… https://t.co/0otwQ9KLlF
For all the latest news on #APPEA2017 Conference & Exhibition (Perth 14-17 May) see https://t.co/jje1dHQWe4 &… https://t.co/4hFM7e6pOY
Federal Budget initiatives will support delivery of new #natgas supply into eastern market #energysecurity #auspol https://t.co/sAM3NwjnF1
Australian #oilandgas industry's premier event is just days away #APPEA2017 https://t.co/hSjYO493Wv https://t.co/CERZXaLQb5

Science & Technology

CSG water can be safely reinjected into aquifers: CSIRO

Water produced during coal seam gas extraction can be safely re-injected hundreds of metres underground, according to new CSIRO research. This can help replenish aquifers used by farmers and communities.

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2017 APPEA Conference & Exhibition

The APPEA Conference & Exhibition is the southern hemisphere's largest annual upstream oil and gas conference.
Perth, 14-17 May 2017.

Science & Technology

Horizontal drilling reduces environmental impacts, increases gas production

Horizontal drilling is a proven technology that reduces oil and gas wells’ environmental impacts while also improving production.

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Introduction to the Oil & Gas Industry Seminars

Developed and delivered in partnership with Curtin University, these one-day seminars give a broad understanding of the Australian oil and gas industry.