Queensland project to deliver more gas and jobs

Shell Australia's new Project Ruby gas development is a win for both gas supply and regional jobs. The only way to meet growing demand for gas is to increase supply.

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APPEA 2017: coping with the gas supply crunch

Natural gas is a reliable and safe energy source with a relatively low emissions intensity. Australia needs a national approach to energy security that recognises the crucial role of gas.

Technology can strengthen Australia’s gas advantage

Gas Vision 2050 was developed by Australia’s peak gas industry bodies. It outlines how gas can continue to provide Australians with reliable and affordable energy in a low carbon energy future.

Panel discussions to energise APPEA 2017

Four of the APPEA 2017 Conference’s plenary sessions will conclude with high-powered panel discussions.

PACE program to boost SA gas supply

South Australia continues to set the pace when it comes to supporting the safe and responsible development of natural gas for energy security and prosperity

Gas industry to work with Government to ensure supply

Australia’s upstream gas industry is committed to working with the Federal Government to ensure sufficient gas is available to meet peak demand in the National Electricity Market.

Queensland should not pay for Victoria’s inaction on gas

Without the LNG export sector, the domestic market would not be receiving large quantities of Queensland gas.

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Natural gas – essential for Australian manufacturing

Natural gas is a vital raw material for manufacturing. Manufacturers use almost a third of gas consumed in Australia. Gas is essential for many industrial processes and is used in many everyday products.

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Australia’s oil and gas industry: a snapshot

The oil and gas industry underpins Australia's economy, energy security and living standards, and contributes significantly to regional development.

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Gas and graziers: co-existence in the NT

Northern Territory grazier Greg Saunders supports the local onshore gas industry and believes it creates opportunities for landholders.

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APPEA survey: Australian #oilandgas industry posted $600m loss in 2014-15 yet paid $5bn in taxes - benefiting government & wider community
Exploration & development the only long-term answer to addressing eastern Australia's tight #natgas supply @Yes2Gashttps://t.co/5pWeKkr8On
Aussie domgas prices still below LNG prices. In Q4, gas producers got $8.24/GJ from LNG but just $5.33/GJ for domgas https://t.co/dQpiu663WD
Q4: Aus gas producers got $8.24/GJ from LNG. But just $5.33/GJ for domgas. Production just one part of supply chain https://t.co/XE2VlGk0IM
Intro to Oil & Gas Industry Seminars: held in 4 cities. Get your staff up to speed on this fast-changing industry. https://t.co/WB0x8Ox2wA
Eastern Australia #natgas shortage due largely to moratoria - not exports: ACCC boss Rod Sims. #CSG @Yes2Gas #ntpol https://t.co/ffKkMq9GsM
Gorgon LNG 3rd train now producing gas for domestic & export markets. Gorgon can produce up to 15.6mtpa LNG plus 30… https://t.co/vPUZ12AcjK
Remember how hot rocks, wave energy & biofuels were going to save the world? Research is good but we must also plan… https://t.co/1p8OTRMkZ9
1. Aus gas is cheaper than in Japan. You must compare like with like. West compares Aus spot prices with Japanese l… https://t.co/yiQEooUJG3
Average Origin LNG price for same period $8.14GJ. Tokyo Gas residential A$38.89/GJ compared to about $30 /GJ in Aus… https://t.co/EXtLMq5LR8
Tokyo Gas residential prices 35% more than Oz residential prices https://t.co/dQpiu663WD The industry does pay tax… https://t.co/LdppDzYScS
Tassie sawdust gasifier? Do you propose 1. Industrial plants relocate near forestry operations? 2. We cut down many… https://t.co/JeutEQvJrJ

Science & Technology

CSG water can be safely reinjected into aquifers: CSIRO

Water produced during coal seam gas extraction can be safely re-injected hundreds of metres underground, according to new CSIRO research. This can help replenish aquifers used by farmers and communities.

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2017 APPEA Conference & Exhibition

The APPEA Conference & Exhibition is the southern hemisphere's largest annual upstream oil and gas conference.
Perth, 14-17 May 2017.

Science & Technology

Horizontal drilling reduces environmental impacts, increases gas production

Horizontal drilling is a proven technology that reduces oil and gas wells’ environmental impacts while also improving production.

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Introduction to the Oil & Gas Industry Seminars

Developed and delivered in partnership with Curtin University, these one-day seminars give a broad understanding of the Australian oil and gas industry.