Queensland CSG is powering eastern Australia

A new report prepared for the COAG Energy Council confirms that as production from conventional gas sources gradually declines, eastern Australia is increasingly relying on unconventional gas to meet its energy needs.

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Pepper Inquiry finds fracking risks can be managed

The draft final report of the Scientific Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing in the Northern Territory has found that any risks […]

APPEA welcomes Queensland minister’s reappointment

The Queensland gas industry has congratulated Dr Anthony Lynham on his reappointment as the Minister for Natural Resources and Mines, with added responsibilities for Energy.

Studies confirm chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing pose little risk

Studies from the CSIRO and the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme confirm that the use of chemicals in the coal seam gas industry poses little risk to the community or the environment.

To deliver energy security, Australia must learn from the US

To tackle rising energy prices, Australia must enhance cooperation between governments and industry and address poor public understanding of fracking, experts told an APPEA event in Perth yesterday.

APPEA awards $3000 scholarship to outstanding PhD candidate

APPEA has presented its 2017 Tony Noon Memorial Scholarship to Fernando Perez, a PhD student in chemical and process engineering at the University of Western Australia. This scholarship provides a one-off grant of $3000.

Attend the IGU World Gas Conference as an AGIT delegate!

If you're a natural gas industry professional, Washington DC is the place to be next June.

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Natural gas – essential for Australian manufacturing

Natural gas is a vital raw material for manufacturing. Manufacturers use almost a third of gas consumed in Australia. Gas is essential for many industrial processes and is used in many everyday products.

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Australia’s oil and gas industry: a snapshot

The oil and gas industry underpins Australia's economy, energy security and living standards, and contributes significantly to regional development.

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Gas and graziers: co-existence in the NT

Northern Territory grazier Greg Saunders supports the local onshore gas industry and believes it creates opportunities for landholders.

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ACIL Allen report shows gas industry’s small environmental footprint. Largest development scenario land use covers under 0.03% NT land mass.
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Gunner Government’s ambitious 50% renewables target for the NT can only be achieved with gas-fired back-up. #natgashttps://t.co/im82L0w22A
Chevron boss offers energy policy insights at APPEA Connect event https://t.co/7HVAIeYfDP

Science & Technology

CSG water can be safely reinjected into aquifers: CSIRO

Water produced during coal seam gas extraction can be safely re-injected hundreds of metres underground, according to new CSIRO research. This can help replenish aquifers used by farmers and communities.

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2018 APPEA Conference & Exhibition

This event attracts delegates from across the country and around the world, and is the southern hemisphere’s largest annual upstream oil and gas conference.

Adelaide, 14-17 May 2018.

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Horizontal drilling reduces environmental impacts, increases gas production

Horizontal drilling is a proven technology that reduces oil and gas wells’ environmental impacts while also improving production.

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APPEA Connect Series

The APPEA Connect Series is networking and information-sharing events where APPEA members can discuss and learn about industry issues.