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National Energy Guarantee a step forward

Media Release 17 October 2017

The National Energy Guarantee is a new approach to the perennial policy challenge of cutting emissions from electricity generation without crudely picking winners or jeopardising reliability.   

Call for nominations to the APPEA Board

Blog Post 16 October 2017

Eleven vacancies have arisen on APPEA's 16-member board. These vacancies will be filled by nomination and by election if required.

Queensland to benefit by stepping on the gas

Media Release 12 October 2017

Queensland releases more land for gas exploration bids. NSW and Victoria should follow Queensland’s lead by encouraging the safe and responsible development of their own gas supply.

One Nation’s tax grab is dangerous

Media Release 11 October 2017

Increasing tax on projects already under acute pressure will only put jobs and investment at risk. Another layer of tax on offshore projects in eastern Australia will push up local energy prices.

The clock is ticking. Step on the gas!

Blog Post  |  by Malcolm Roberts 11 October 2017

Gas is indispensable to our economy. We must make investment decisions now to avoid supply risks and escalating prices. Governments must re-enter the public debate about gas and help build confidence in the community.

Natural gas driving down US emissions: new report

Media Release 11 October 2017

Australia should seek to emulate the success of the US in reducing its emissions through increased use of gas. The US is reaping the rewards of embracing natural gas – abundant energy and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

UK lessons in safety management

Blog Post 11 October 2017

Australia has a great opportunity to learn from overseas industry practices. In two weeks the APPEA HSE Conference will highlight UK operations.

SA Liberals’ energy policy

Media Release 10 October 2017

The South Australian Liberals' energy policy acknowledges gas is crucial for meeting energy needs and supplying manufacturing industries. Yet the party maintains a 10-year moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in the South-East.

PC misses opportunity to remove GST penalty on gas development

Media Release 10 October 2017

Productivity Commission’s draft report into horizontal fiscal equalisation (HFE) confirms that the system for distributing GST revenue between states and territories penalises jurisdictions that develop natural resources such as gas.

First Wheatstone LNG production another milestone for Australia

Media Release 9 October 2017

Wheatstone is the latest project in a wave of unprecedented LNG investment that will deliver enduring benefits for all Australians. These long-term legacy projects will support economic growth and deliver jobs, taxation and export revenues for decade...

Condamine River natural gas seeps

Publication 4 October 2017

Natural gas seepage in parts of the Condamine River is not new. It pre-dates local gas industry operations and poses no safety or environmental risks.

One Nation in the dark on gas

Blog Post 4 October 2017

One Nation cannot claim to be a responsible alternative when it opposes an industry that not only meets Queensland's energy needs, but also provides billions of dollars worth of economic activity annually and supports tens of thousands of jobs.

Queensland’s LNG industry ensures domestic supply

Media Release 3 October 2017

Queensland LNG producers will ensure eastern Australia has sufficient gas supply for 2018 and 2019.  Victoria and NSW should use this reprieve to use to develop their state's gas resources.

APPEA welcomes Grants Commission comments on CSG royalties

Media Release 29 September 2017

Changes to the GST distribution system flagged by the Commonwealth Grants Commission would incentivise states and the NT to develop their own gas resources while also discouraging non-evidence-based restrictions and moratoriums.

One Nation’s gas threat a Queensland jobs killer

Media Release 28 September 2017

One Nation’s threat to ban the gas industry in Queensland, despite the industry’s 50-year record of safe operations, will kill jobs and drive up gas and electricity prices for Queensland and the rest of eastern Australia.

One Nation to turn the lights out in Queensland

Media Release 27 September 2017

One Nation’s push to ban drilling in the Cooper Basin until it can be proven that it does no damage to the Great Artesian Basin is economic vandalism. It will expose Queenslanders to higher energy prices and will risk blackouts.

Domestic Gas

Expected surge in gas demand drives new forecast

Media Release 25 September 2017

New AEMO gas forecast is driven by expectations of surging gas demand from electricity generation and industry. All governments must support developing new gas supplies as quickly and as cheaply as possible.

Statement on AGL membership non-renewal

Media Release 20 September 2017

In 2015, AGL advised APPEA that it would not renew its membership because it would wind up its gas production over the coming decade. AGL raised no concerns with APPEA’s longstanding Climate Change Policy Principles.

WA doesn’t need another fracking inquiry

Blog Post 18 September 2017

WA’s planned inquiry into hydraulic fracturing is a waste of time and money. History and multiple reviews have shown that fracking is managed safely in Australia.

Gas industry is responding to supply concerns

Media Release 14 September 2017

Australian gas producers are responding to concerns about tight east coast gas supply. A dozen new supply contracts and new projects have been announced since March.

GLNG redirects gas to domestic market

Media Release 7 September 2017

The Gladstone LNG project will supply 30 petajoules of gas - which would otherwise have been exported as LNG - to the east coast domestic market over 2018 and 2019.

LNG powering economic growth, boosting trade balance

Media Release 6 September 2017

New data shows how important LNG exports are for Australia’s economic growth. But some politicians are proposing policies that would deter investment in new gas supply just when it is most needed.

WA needs more jobs – not another fracking inquiry

Media Release 5 September 2017

WA's second inquiry into hydraulic fracturing in less than two years is a waste of time and taxpayers’ money. The WA Legislative Council’s Environment and Public Affairs Committee has already found fracking poses negligible risk.


Queensland still doing the heavy lifting on energy security

Media Release 5 September 2017

While other states dither or lock-up urgently needed gas resources, Queensland is getting on with the job. The State Government recognises the only way to put downward pressure on prices is to increase supply.

APPEA 2018: Call for Papers is now open

Blog Post 18 August 2017

Submit a proposal for a presentation that would be included in the APPEA 2018 technical program! Share your Australian-based knowledge, experience and solutions.

Gas industry continues to boost domestic supply

Media Release 14 August 2017

Santos has signed an agreement with ENGIE to supply gas to South Australia’s Pelican Point Power Station. This is the latest demonstration of the gas industry’s commitment to its domestic customers.

Victorian council votes for jobs and energy security

Media Release 27 July 2017

Moyne Shire Council's vote in support of conventional gas development in Victoria is significant. Moyne is part of a region that has a history of safe and successful gas development.

LNG export controls could undermine future gas supply

Media Release 24 July 2017

Restricting LNG exports to boost domestic gas supply is likely to be counterproductive. Export controls are a sovereign risk issue for Australia, threatening the $50 billion in new investment needed to maintain current supply.

APPEA welcomes NT fracking inquiry interim report

Media Release 15 July 2017

The gas industry is pleased the interim report has been released on schedule and that the inquiry remains on track to be completed this year. The industry is ready to invest billions in the NT when – and if – the fracking moratorium is lifted.

An Inconvenient Truth: gas is driving down US emissions

Media Release 11 July 2017

Last year, energy-related emissions in the US were at their lowest level since 1991, having fallen about 13% since their peak in 2007. The main reason for this dramatic fall is the increased use of natural gas.

LNG benefits cannot be taken for granted

Media Release 7 July 2017

Australia has received a timely reminder of the value to our economy of a growing gas export industry – and a warning that ongoing success cannot be taken for granted.

Inquiry into GST distribution – APPEA submission

Media Release 29 June 2017

Excluding petroleum royalties from the calculation of state and territory revenues for GST distribution purposes would create a stronger incentive for states to develop their own gas and would improve energy security and productivity. 

New research to improve understanding of seismic impact

Media Release 23 June 2017

Australia's oil and gas industry supports more research on how seismic surveys affect tiny marine creatures. CSIRO research indicates that zooplankton biomass recovers only three days after completion of a seismic survey.

SA Budget maintains the PACE

Media Release 22 June 2017

The South Australian Budget confirms the Government’s ongoing support for gas exploration. The Plan for Accelerating Exploration (PACE) program is helping bring more gas to market and will benefit local businesses and consumers.

Gas industry primed to fuel NT’s economic future  

Media Release 20 June 2017

The newly released Northern Territory Economic Development Framework recognises the vital role that natural gas will play as a major growth sector helping to maintain and grow living standards across the NT.

Finkel Report charts way out of policy impasse

Media Release 9 June 2017

The Finkel Review’s recommendations – including a Clean Energy Target and removing blanket bans and moratoria on gas development – could resolve the climate policy impasse and put downward pressure on energy prices.

NSW takes positive step with support for conventional gas

Media Release 6 June 2017

If NSW wants to attract investment to develop gas resources, it must show that it has transparent processes in place. In particular, it should draw on other states' systems for acreage release and industry regulation.

Queensland Government’s commitment to gas is smart policy

Media Release 5 June 2017

The Queensland Government’s Powering Queensland Plan, which outlines plans to restart the Swanbank E gas-fired power station, clearly shows the state’s commitment to gas-fired generation and energy security.