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The answer to gas problems is increasing supply

Blog Post 22 February 2017

More gas supply and more gas suppliers will enhance energy security. Rather than thinking in terms of gas reservation, we should be working on reforms that help bring more gas into the market.

APPEA 2017 charts the course in turbulent times

Blog Post 13 February 2017

The APPEA 2017 Conference (to be held in Perth from 14-17 May) offers insights into the oil and gas industry’s role and opportunities in a period of rapid change and turbulence.

APPEA appoints new Queensland Director

Media Release 31 January 2017

APPEA’s new Queensland Director, Rhys Turner, will work with the Queensland Government, communities and other stakeholders to enhance understanding of the oil and gas industry’s benefits and impacts.

Protecting water is central to shale gas operations

Blog Post 30 December 2016

Natural gas can be safely produced from the Northern Territory’s deep shale rocks without affecting precious water resources, according to a respected local environmental scientist.

Natural gas – essential for Australian manufacturing

Blog Post 26 December 2016

Natural gas is a vital raw material for manufacturing. Manufacturers use almost a third of gas consumed in Australia. Gas is essential for many industrial processes and is used in many everyday products.

Lock the Gate misrepresents important CSG research

Media Release 16 December 2016

Lock the Gate has again sought to mislead by misrepresenting important CSIRO research. Its claim that CSIRO has found that farmers are losing millions of dollars due to CSG operations is false.

Disturbing trend of falling exploration continues

Media Release 16 December 2016

Economic and policy pressures are stifling the exploration needed to keep Australia’s vital oil and gas industry growing and competitive. Urgent action is needed to reverse this trend.

GetUp – publisher of fake news

Blog Post 12 December 2016

It appears Get-Up, the left-wing campaigning organisation that wants to destroy our oil and gas industry, has adopted post-truth as its modus operandi in discussing the Petroleum Resource Rent Tax (PRRT).

Natural gas – essential for Australian manufacturing

Publication 12 December 2016

Natural gas is a vital raw material for manufacturing. Manufacturers use almost a third of gas consumed in Australia. Gas is essential for many industrial processes and is used in many everyday products

Finkel Review highlights urgent need for more gas development

Media Release 9 December 2016

Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel AO, has highlighted the need for urgent reform to secure the nation’s energy future. Policy, regulatory and technical reforms are required to ensure gas can fulfill its critical role in energy security...

Gorgon boosts WA domestic gas supply

Media Release 9 December 2016

WA’s energy security has been further enhanced with the start of domestic gas supply from the Chevron-operated Gorgon LNG project. Concerns that a successful gas export industry would jeopardise local supply are clearly misplaced.

Independent review confirms abundant gas supply in WA

Media Release 8 December 2016

WA has more than enough gas to meet future export and domestic requirements - but only if there is continuing investment in new exploration and development. Unfortunately, petroleum exploration in WA is at its lowest level since 1990.

CSG water can be safely reinjected into aquifers: CSIRO

The Tech Drill 7 December 2016

Water produced during coal seam gas extraction can be safely re-injected hundreds of metres underground, according to new CSIRO research. This can help replenish aquifers used by farmers and communities.

APPEA welcomes climate change policy review

Media Release 5 December 2016

The 2017 Review of Climate Change Policies provides an important opportunity to integrate climate and energy policy in Australia. This is the key to delivering lower emissions and affordable energy security.

SA Liberal fracking moratorium fails leadership test

Media Release 29 November 2016

The South Australian Liberals have shown weak leadership by threatening a 10-year moratorium on fracking in the state’s South East region. There is absolutely no health or environmental reason to impose such a moratorium.

North West Shelf royalty revenue: Audit Office report

Media Release 29 November 2016

The Australian National Audit Office report into the collection of North West Shelf royalty revenue has made no findings suggesting the project’s participants had any intention to falsely claim deductions.

APPEA Board re-elects Chairman and Vice-Chairman

Media Release 25 November 2016

APPEA's Board has re-elected Mr Bruce Lake as Chairman and Mr Richard Owen as Vice Chairman following APPEA’s Annual General Meeting on Thursday 24 November in Perth.

Anti-gas legislation to drive up Victorian energy costs

Media Release 22 November 2016

The Andrews Government is simply pandering to an activist fear campaign that will ultimately drive up energy prices and cost jobs. A vote to restrict gas development is a vote for higher gas prices.

Myths and misinformation in NT gas

Blog Post  |  by Martin Ferguson 21 November 2016

Activists driven by hostility to fossil fuels and a naïve faith in renewables are using misinformation to push an anti-gas agenda. Using a Northern Territory context, let's take a close look at the myths that underpin the activists’ main arguments...

Queensland expands drill core storage and access

The Tech Drill 17 November 2016

A $5 million expansion of the Queensland Government’s Exploration Data Centre gives the state's resources exploration industry access to more geological information.

Time for Victoria to rethink its energy policy

Media Release 3 November 2016

The looming shutdown of the Hazelwood power station highlights the pressing need for a co-ordinated national approach to energy security and for policies that encourage use of gas as well as renewables.

Gas offers broad benefits to NT communities

Media Release 2 November 2016

Investment proposed by onshore gas companies in the Northern Territory would mean improved transport, communications and other services in remote and regional areas.

Water from coal

The Tech Drill 1 November 2016

Producing water from coal is a common practice. The first water well was drilled into the Walloon coals in 1928, many decades before CSG technology was developed.

WA landowner ‘right of veto’ is unnecessary

Media Release 29 October 2016

Existing WA legislation delivers sensible and balanced outcomes that respect the rights of landowners and the rights of gas companies to responsibly develop a natural resource that is owned by the Crown on behalf of all Western Australians.

Latest TAI report is flawed

Media Release 26 October 2016

The Australia Institute's latest non-peer reviewed report is flawed speculation that ignores local, independent scientific research into fugitive gas emissions.

PRRT attacks are poorly informed

Blog Post  |  by Noel Mullen 18 October 2016

PRRT is a profits-based tax; a project only faces a PRRT liability once it has turned a profit. PRRT returns are high when oil and LNG prices are high, and low when prices are low; this keep projects viable during downturns.

Gas: vital now and in the future

Blog Post  |  by Damian Dwyer 17 October 2016

Over the last decade, Australia’s use of gas has increased at a faster rate than of any other fuel. Gas has become even more important for electricity generation, because it is crucial in supporting increased use of renewables.

Bight remains a sea of opportunity

Media Release 14 October 2016

Australia must continue to search for new offshore oil discoveries or risk becoming totally dependent on imports.

Queensland reaches another LNG milestone

Media Release 10 October 2016

The first cargo of liquefied natural gas from Australia Pacific LNG’s second train is another significant milestone for Queensland's LNG industry.

WA Labor fracking ban policy ignores scientific evidence

Media Release 6 October 2016

Australia’s Chief Scientist, the NSW Chief Scientist and the CSIRO have all confirmed that, with proper regulation, fracking is safe. In WA, a two-year parliamentary inquiry reached the same conclusion.