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New research to improve understanding of seismic impact

Media Release 23 June 2017

Australia's oil and gas industry supports more research on how seismic surveys affect tiny marine creatures. CSIRO research indicates that zooplankton biomass recovers only three days after completion of a seismic survey.

SA Budget maintains the PACE

Media Release 22 June 2017

The South Australian Budget confirms the Government’s ongoing support for gas exploration. The Plan for Accelerating Exploration (PACE) program is helping bring more gas to market and will benefit local businesses and consumers.

Gas industry primed to fuel NT’s economic future  

Media Release 20 June 2017

The newly released Northern Territory Economic Development Framework recognises the vital role that natural gas will play as a major growth sector helping to maintain and grow living standards across the NT.

Finkel Report charts way out of policy impasse

Media Release 9 June 2017

The Finkel Review’s recommendations – including a Clean Energy Target and removing blanket bans and moratoria on gas development – could resolve the climate policy impasse and put downward pressure on energy prices.

NSW takes positive step with support for conventional gas

Media Release 6 June 2017

If NSW wants to attract investment to develop gas resources, it must show that it has transparent processes in place. In particular, it should draw on other states' systems for acreage release and industry regulation.

Queensland Government’s commitment to gas is smart policy

Media Release 5 June 2017

The Queensland Government’s Powering Queensland Plan, which outlines plans to restart the Swanbank E gas-fired power station, clearly shows the state’s commitment to gas-fired generation and energy security.

Safety process earns Woodside an APPEA Award

Media Release 17 May 2017

Woodside Energy has won the APPEA Safety Excellence Award. In 2016, the company achieved an exceptional health and safety performance and also laid a strong foundation for future improvements in safety management.

APPEA welcomes new Queensland GasFields Commission legislation

Media Release 11 May 2017

Proposed legislation to enhance the operations of Queensland's GasFields Commission is based on a balanced review of options. A commitment to coexistence and win-win solutions continues to produce results in Queensland.

Budget to help deliver new gas supply

Media Release 9 May 2017

Initiatives announced in the Commonwealth budget will support the delivery of new gas supply into the east coast market.

Arrow expansion to deliver more gas

Media Release 8 May 2017

Arrow Energy’s move to undertake front-end engineering design for a proposed major expansion of its Tipton gas project in the Surat Basin is good news for Queensland and the gas market.

Resources Minister to address APPEA 2017

Blog Post 5 May 2017

The APPEA 2017 address by Federal Minister for Resources, Senator Matt Canavan, is expected to cover the Turnbull Government’s gas export restrictions and how the Government plans to encourage increased gas production.

Gas royalties can help with NT budget repair

Media Release 2 May 2017

Today’s NT Budget confirms the need for new investment to arrest a forecast decline in taxation and royalty revenues. Developing gas could increase NT Government revenues by almost $1 billion by 2040 and create up to 6300 new jobs.

Industry welcomes release of PRRT report

Media Release 28 April 2017

The independent report on PRRT provides a comprehensive review of this tax. PRRT is a balanced system that reduces the significant risks facing investors while also delivering economic and taxation benefits to the community.

New tax would threaten investment and push up energy costs

Media Release 27 April 2017

Activists calling for a new 10% royalty on offshore oil and gas projects are ignoring the costs of retrospective changes to long-established tax rules. Any tax increase will initially yield more revenue – but at what economic cost?

Commentary on Proposed Fiscal Changes

Publication 27 April 2017

Introducing a 10% royalty for offshore oil and gas would adversely affect the likelihood of developing similar projects in the future. A 10% royalty would also likely curtail incremental and new investment in current developments.

10 facts about Australian trade

Publication 21 April 2017

Trade boosts growth, supports millions of Australian jobs, gives consumers lower prices and more choice, gives workers higher wages, forges more competitive industries, and lifts people out of poverty.

More gas, not less, is the way to reduce emissions

Media Release 20 April 2017

Climate Council claims that Australia should reduce the use of natural gas are out of step with a vast body of authoritative, independent analysis that shows that gas is critical to reducing emissions.

APPEA supports Queensland moves to boost gas development

Media Release 17 April 2017

A constructive approach proposed by Queensland Minister for Natural Resources and Mines, Dr Anthony Lynham, would see the state and Commonwealth governments working with gas producers to boost supply.

APPEA 2017: strength in diversity

Blog Post 10 April 2017

Companies with diverse and inclusive workforces perform better and have more engaged staff and high retention rates, says APPEA 2017 plenary speaker and EY Oceania Markets Leader, Lynn Kraus.

Senate Committee rejects Great Australian Bight drill ban

Media Release 30 March 2017

A Senate Committee has rejected a Greens bid to ban oil and gas activities in the Great Australian Bight. South Australia can have a safe, sustainable offshore petroleum industry just as Victoria and WA have had for decades.

APPEA 2017: coping with the gas supply crunch

Blog Post 27 March 2017

Natural gas is a reliable and safe energy source with a relatively low emissions intensity. Australia needs a national approach to energy security that recognises the crucial role of gas.

Technology can strengthen Australia’s gas advantage

Media Release 23 March 2017

Gas Vision 2050 was developed by Australia’s peak gas industry bodies. It outlines how gas can continue to provide Australians with reliable and affordable energy in a low carbon energy future.

Gas Vision 2050

Publication 23 March 2017

Natural gas provides reliable, secure energy and cost-effective carbon reduction. It will continue to be an essential fuel as Australia makes the transformation to a cleaner energy future.

Queensland project to deliver more gas and jobs

Media Release 21 March 2017

Shell Australia's new Project Ruby gas development is a win for both gas supply and regional jobs. The only way to meet growing demand for gas is to increase supply.

PACE program to boost SA gas supply

Media Release 17 March 2017

South Australia continues to set the pace when it comes to supporting the safe and responsible development of natural gas for energy security and prosperity

Gas industry to work with Government to ensure supply

Media Release 15 March 2017

Australia’s upstream gas industry is committed to working with the Federal Government to ensure sufficient gas is available to meet peak demand in the National Electricity Market.

Pathways to net-zero emissions

Blog Post 14 March 2017

APPEA 2017 keynote speaker, Shell International vice president Jeremy Bentham, examines how we can provide much more energy with much less carbon dioxide.

Gas supply warning a result of flawed state policies

Media Release 9 March 2017

Severe gas shortages in eastern Australia as early as next summer are the consequence of many years of policy failure by successive state governments in Victoria and New South Wales.

US shows the way. More gas = lower emissions

Media Release 6 March 2017

To meet its climate goals and ensure reliable energy supply, Australia must reverse the decline in gas-fired generation. The US has proved that expanding use of gas-fired generation delivers big cuts to emissions.

APPEA 2017 is right on the money

Blog Post 2 March 2017

The APPEA Conference and Exhibition is the indispensable sounding board for the upstream petroleum industry in Australia. It also allows delegates to network and to meet and learn from the best minds in the industry.

LNG powering economic growth, boosting trade balance

Media Release 1 March 2017

LNG exports are playing a key role in driving Australia’s economic growth. Politicians must do more to encourage resource investment and increase competitiveness so that Australia can build on this achievement.

The answer to gas problems is increasing supply

Media Release 28 February 2017

Australia urgently needs more gas supply and more gas suppliers to head off a supply shortfall forecast for 2019. A host of experts agree that stifling supply can only lead to higher prices.

To boost energy security, we must increase gas supply

Blog Post 22 February 2017

More gas supply and more gas suppliers will enhance energy security. Rather than thinking in terms of gas reservation, we should be working on reforms that help bring more gas into the market.